Battle Day at Pichinch in Ecuador (24/05)

The Day of the Battle of Pichincha (Pichincha is a state in Ecuador) is a national holiday in Ecuador.

In the Battle of Pichincha (Batalla de Pichincha) on May 24, 1822, the Spanish troops were defeated by detachments under the command of General Antonio José de Sucre, one of the leaders of the war for the independence of the Spanish colonies in America, the closest associate of Simon Bolivar. Rebellious Indians and mestizos joined his troops.

This battle was the most brutal confrontation since the beginning of the struggle for the independence of South Americans against the colonial authorities, in addition to local residents, Venezuelans, British and Irish took part in it. The Battle of Pichincha became historic for the republican life of Ecuador, as it launched the process of gaining independence for the country.