World Smile Day (07/10)

World Smile Day ( World Smile Day ) is celebrated annually on the first Friday of October. The fact that this wonderful holiday exists, the world owes the artist Harvey Bell ( Harvey Ball ). In the mid-20th century, he lived in America. His work was not notable for anything remarkable: critics were not particularly interested in him, his paintings were hardly threatened by immortality.

But somehow, representatives of the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America addressed him with a request to come up with some bright and memorable symbol — a business card of the company.

Harvey did not think for long, took and offered customers what now all users of the Internet call « a smiley » — a smiling yellow face. This happened in 1963. Customers accepted the work, paid Bella fifty dollars, made badges with this face and distributed it to all the staff of the company. The success of such a « business card » exceeded all expectations. The company's customers were delighted with the innovation — in just a few months more than ten thousand badges were released!

Very soon, a cute face began to appear on T-shirts, baseball caps, envelopes, postcards, matchboxes. Even the US Post Office issued a stamp with this symbol.

World Smile Day was first celebrated in 1999. The artist believed that this day should be dedicated to a good mood, the motto of the Day are the words: « Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile », which can be translated something like this: « Do a good deed. Help at least one smile » appear.

Since then, this holiday has been celebrated by enthusiasts around the world with various promotions and flash mobs. You can also join the holiday, because it is so simple — smile and give your smile to other even strangers. Smile more often and the world around you will become much more positive. After all, as the song from the Soviet cartoon says: « Share your smile, and she will come back to you more than once! ».

Recall that September 19 is the birthday of « Smileyka ».

Infographics – poster « World Smile Day »