Inti Raimi in Peru (24/06)

This holiday is an ancient ritual of the Incas worshiping the sun, the main god of the Incas. It's called Inti Raymi. This is a sign of the onset of the crown of the Inca year and the imminent harvest, which, if the gods so wish, will be plentiful.

This is a revived ancient holiday. But, despite the antiquity, nowadays interest in the Inca past has intensified, and the Quechua language has been declared the second official language of Peru.

To enjoy the colorful spectacle of the popular folklore festival on this significant day, June 24, thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come to the city of Cusco.

The ceremony of meeting the Sun and worshiping him is held in the Inca capital of Cusco and in the ancient fortress of Sacsayhuamane. In honor of the holiday, a theatrical performance "Inti Raimi" is organized, in which professional artists also participate. Amateur groups participate in mass scenes.

Pictures of the past come to life before the audience. The Supreme Inca appears. He worships the Sun, thanks him for the harvest of the past year, asks for an abundance of earthly fruits in the future.