Indians Day in Peru (24/06)

On the territory of modern Peru, the capital of one of the most powerful states of the indigenous Indians, the Inca Empire (11-16 centuries), was located. And the annual celebration of the "Day of the Indians" in Peru, which is celebrated on June 24, is an attempt to preserve the culture and traditions of this great people.

About a hundred Indian tribes live in the rainforests of eastern Peru. These tribes, practically isolated from the rest of the population, speak local dialects and earn their living by hunting, fishing and farming.

Another indigenous group includes the Quechua and Aymara Indians. Many of them moved to the capital of the country - Lima and other cities on the coast, but the majority continues to live in the Andes, being engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.

This is a holiday of the descendants of great builders and valiant warriors. Wrapped up in multi-colored alpaca wool ponchos, in knitted chullo hats with ears, on this day they descend on foot from the plateaus of Puno - the crossroads of peoples, where two great Indian civilizations met and managed to find a formula for peaceful coexistence on the shores of the world's highest lake Titicaca South America - Quechua and Aymara.

They come from Arequipa - the "pearl of the south", a miracle city built of carved siljar - white volcanic tuff. They come from hundreds of large and small villages in Peru, where the original Indian culture, the thousand-year way of life of the highlanders have been preserved in their original form. All of them gather for a celebration in the city of Cusco - the "center of the universe", to honor the great spirits of the mountains, to ask the mighty Indian shrine for mercy in order to purify the souls and take with them a healing particle of the deity.