National Dignity Day in Peru (09/10)

National Dignity Day ( Día de la Dignidad Nacional ) is celebrated in Peru in honor of the nationalization of property of the American oil company International Petroleum Company ( IPC, International Oil Company ) October 9, 1968.

On October 3, 1968, « the revolutionary government of the armed forces » led by General Juan Velasco Alvarado ( Juan Velasco Alvarado, 1910 — 1977 ) came to power in Peru. The country has begun deep socio-economic transformations.

The first step of the new authorities, which received a huge resonance not only in Latin America, but also far beyond its borders, was the nationalization of the property of the American oil company International Petroleum Company, predatoryly exploiting the national wealth of Peru for 40 years.

The international oil company was, of course, a state in the state, representing one of the worst examples of the practical implementation of the policy of rampant robbery by concerns of developed countries of the natural resources of developing countries. In the territory belonging to this American monopoly, their laws were in force.

At the same time, the Company did not even bother to pay the taxes due to the Peruvian state, as a result of which its debt reached a truly astronomical amount certified by independent experts from France.

Today, National Dignity Day is not a public holiday in the country. However, the media pays great attention to this event. This day remains familiar for people involved in the historical events of the period of nationalization.