National holiday of the Republic of Cameroon (20/05)

May 20 is a very important date for Cameroonians, it is a public holiday of unity and patriotism - the National Day of the Republic of Cameroon (Fête nationale du Cameroun).

Cameroon was a German colony from 1884-1916. After Germany's defeat in World War I, the colony became a League of Nations mandate and was divided in two between Britain and France. In 1960, French Cameroon declared its independence, and British Cameroon soon merged with the newly created republic. Thus the Federal Republic of Cameroon was created.

By 1966, most of the administrative prerogatives had passed to the central government of Cameroon. As a result of the merger of two leading political parties (COP, ONDP) and four less significant ones, a new political party was formed - the Cameroon National Union (CNU).

Before the referendum, which took place on May 20, 1972, Cameroon was a federal republic. And after the referendum, the state was transformed into a unitary republic called the United Republic of Cameroon. Following this, the institutions of power in each of the former parts of the country were liquidated and the post of vice president was abolished. The country became a single state. In honor of this event, the National Day of the Republic of Cameroon was established.

Today, in honor of this important holiday, various sports, celebrations and entertainment events are held throughout the Republic of Cameroon.