Cameroon Unification Day (01/10)

Unification Day in Cameroon, which is celebrated annually in the country on October 1, was established to commemorate the anniversary of South Cameroon's independence from Britain and unification with French Cameroon in 1961.

As a result of the unification in October 1961, the Federal Republic of Cameroon was formed, which included two states: the former French part became known as Eastern Cameroon, and the former British part became known as Western Cameroon.

History ordered that since the First World War, dominance over Cameroon passed to France and Great Britain - on March 4, 1916, France and Great Britain concluded a secret agreement on the division of Cameroon. Three years later, the division of Cameroon between England and France was finally formalized, and the League of Nations sanctioned the transfer of Eastern Cameroon to the mandatory administration of France, and Western Cameroon to England. As a result of this act, some peoples of the African country were divided territorially.