Cameroon Unification Day (01/10)

Cameroon Association Day ( fr. The Réunification du Cameroun ), which is celebrated annually in the country on October 1, was established in honor of the anniversary of South Cameroon's independence from the UK and unification with French Cameroon in 1961.

As a result of the association, the Federal Republic of Cameroon was formed in October 1961, which included two states: the former French part became known as East Cameroon, and the former British — Western Cameroon.

History has decreed in such a way that since the First World War, domination over Cameroon has passed to France and Great Britain — On March 4, 1916, France and Great Britain entered into a secret agreement on the division of Cameroon. Three years later, the division of Cameroon between England and France was finalized, and the League of Nations authorized the transfer of East Cameroon to the mandate of France, and Western Cameroon — England. As a result of this act, some peoples of the African country were divided geographically.

Despite the fact that international obligations required England and France to ensure the political and civil rights of civilians, colonial legislation was in force in Cameroon.

Since the late 40s and 50s of the 20th century, political organizations have been actively created in French Cameroon, the purpose of which was to unite the French and British parts of Cameroon, to combat the colonial regime, as well as providing the country with independence. The most active political party was the « Union of Peoples of Cameroon » ( SNK ), formed by trade union activists in 1948.

The SNK, together with groups of activists of British Cameroon, achieved a referendum in 1961 under the auspices of the UN, which resulted in the historical unification of the two territories and the creation of the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

Association Day — is truly a nationwide holiday, it is celebrated in all cities of the country by processions and fireworks. Particular attention on this day is given to the sporting events of — canoeing, national wrestling, athletics competitions and the popular marathon race. Cameroonians, known as the football nation, hold numerous professional and amateur football battles on this holiday.

Recall that in connection with the above events in Cameroon, another important state date — is celebrated annually on January 1, the country celebrates Independence Day.