Royal Dynasty Day in Belgium (15/11)

Since 1866, November 15 has been celebrated in Belgium as a national holiday - Royal Dynasty Day (Dynasty Day / Fête de la Dynastie) or Royal Family Day.

The holiday was established by the second Belgian King Leopold II. Celebrations are held in honor of St. Albert the Great, who is considered the patron saint of the royal family.

This day symbolizes the unity of the Belgian nation in all its political, cultural and linguistic diversity.

On the Day of the Royal Dynasty, teachers and schoolchildren, teachers and students discuss the role of the monarchy for modern Belgium, the country's anthem is played everywhere. In the Federal Parliament of the country, a festive ceremony is held in honor of the monarch, at which members of the royal family are present, and church services are held in all churches. In Belgium, this day is a public holiday.

Belgian communities around the world also celebrate this day.