Martyrs' Day in Tunisia (09/04)

On April 9, Martyrs' Day in Tunisia is celebrated in Tunisia, which is a public holiday and a day off in the country, in memory of the tragic events that occurred on this day in 1938.

During the demonstration on April 9, 1938, many Tunisians sacrificed their lives in defense of the right to independence from colonial France and for the good of their country.

Recall that from 1881 to 1956 Tunisia was under the protectorate of France. The country, under the nominal leadership of the local tribal aristocracy, was ruled by a French administration headed by a governor. After the fall of France in World War I, Tunisian nationalists began a campaign for the country's independence from the invaders. They organized and conducted various rallies and campaigns against the French colonialists, who used force in response. And one of these episodes of the struggle for the independence of Tunisia was the tragic events of the demonstration on April 9, 1938, when many civilians died.

Nevertheless, in the end, in the spring of 1956, France recognized the independence of Tunisia, which at that time was a constitutional monarchy.

On special, memorable days, such as the Day of Remembrance of the Martyrs for Tunisians, Tunisians consider it their sacred duty to honor the memory of the martyrs who gave them independence, a minute of silence and the laying of flowers at the monuments.