Day of media workers in Kazakhstan (28/06)

On June 28, representatives of the mass media of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrate their professional holiday.

At first, this holiday was called the Day of Journalism and was celebrated in independent Kazakhstan on May 10 - the day the first Kazakh-language newspaper Turkestan Uayalytty Gazetinin (Turkestanskie Vedomosti) was published in 1870. But in 1997 it turned out that it was financed by the tsarist government. In addition, it "was promoting the colonization of the free Kazakh steppes." Therefore, May 10 did not go down in the history of Kazakhstani journalism as a professional holiday.

Then they decided to appoint June 28 as a journalistic holiday, because on this day in 1991 the first Kazakh law on the media was adopted, which was called the Law of the Kazakh SSR "On the press and other mass media." The holiday was called the Day of Press, Radio and Television and was traditionally celebrated until 2012 on the last Sunday of June. And according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 20, 2011, its celebration was set for June 28, in addition, the holiday received a new name - the Day of Communications and Information Workers. But in 2019, this holiday was divided into two - the Day of Communications and Informatization Workers, the celebration of which takes place on May 17 and is timed to coincide with the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. And June 28 is now celebrated in the Republic as the Day of Mass Media Workers.

On this day, all media workers in Kazakhstan receive congratulations from colleagues, friends and management on their professional holiday, and the President of the country announces gratitude and awards various awards to the most distinguished of them.