Security Worker Day (20/12)

On December 20, their professional holiday - the Day of the security worker - is celebrated by people who daily solve problems related to ensuring state security. However, the range of duties of employees of state security bodies is not limited to this alone, because the interests of the state are closely related to satisfying the possibility of progressive development of the individual and society, therefore, we are also talking about national security.

National security is the protection of the vital interests of citizens, society and the state, as well as national values and lifestyle from a wide range of external and internal threats.

In the era of the existence of the USSR, this holiday was well known as the Day of the Chekist. The history of its establishment dates back to (7) December 20, 1917 - it was then that the Cheka was formed - the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission. Later, the Cheka changed many names - the NKVD, the OGPU, the MGB, the KGB, the FSB.

It is the Day of the Chekist that is taken as the basis for the national holidays of state security, which are celebrated today in some CIS countries. In Russia, it is celebrated as the Day of the worker of the security agencies of the Russian Federation (the Day of the Russian Federal Security Service).

By tradition, this professional holiday of security officials is celebrated at the state level, various festive events are held, veterans are honored, and distinguished employees are awarded.